Internship (24 months)

Thriving has partnerships with several theological institutions to help aid in the training of urban leaders.
While receiving theological education, there will be an internship available in an urban church where the leader is able to experience shepherding and hands on training for God’s work.  They will have the opportunity to serve and learn, as they are discipled by the leadership in that local church.

Church Planting Residency (12-24 months)

Residency status is a process up to 24 months where the leader now takes on a specific leadership role within the local church where he is currently serving.  In submission to the leadership, they will determine whether or not this man is eldership and church planting material. During this process ordination and commissioning Phase will begin.

Theological education Residency (TBA)

More information to come.

Publications and blogs (Monthly and yearly)

More information to come.